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The One Armed Swordsman Review 1967 (Jimmy Wang Yu)

The acting throughout “The One-Armed Swordsman” is excellent, matched by outstanding cinematography that raises the total watching experience. Some scenes might have profited from boosted audio results and also songs hints to more gloss the movie.

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While the center of the flick might really feel somewhat slow-paced as different fighting styles boxers are presented as possible followers to the primary educator, the tale gets its energy as the primary bad guys introduce a treacherous tool developed to catch swords from lethal assaults.

The One Armed Swordsman is a Shaw Brothers fighting styles film from 1967 starring Jimmy Wang Yu as Fang Kang a hero that sheds his arm yet discovers just how to proceed combating.

The 3rd act shows to be a thrilling trip, loaded with pure activity and also remarkable beats that bring the tale to an enjoyable final thought.

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” The One-Armed Swordsman” opens up with a gripping very first act, presenting us to Wang Yu, his well-regarded educator, and also the instructor’s little girl. The movie looks into styles of envy as well as the intricacies of the social course framework, resulting in a zero hour where Wang Yu unfortunately sheds his sword-arm.