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Gemscream 10 in1 Punching Mitts Kick Pack Set Boxing Mitts Focus Pads Boxing Gloves Boxing Safety Head Guard Wrist Band for Kids Adult for Boxing, Kickboxing, Karate, Muay Thai, MMA Training

10 In 1 Boxing Training Gear: unleash the fighter in you with our 10 in 1 comprehensive boxing training equipment kit; Designed for various combat sports such as boxing, Taekwondo, karate, Muay Thai, MMA and more, the combination of boxing gloves, head guard, pad, kick pads and wrist bands in one kit enhances your accuracy, sturdiness, and muscle strength; Whether you’re a professional boxer or a fitness enthusiast, this kit is the ideal way to improve your performance

Designed for Versatile and Flexible Training Sessions: the boxing equipment kit is not only packed with essential training gear, but it’s also suitable for most age groups thanks to the adjustable armbands; Its versatile design is ideal for gym sessions, class practice, personal training, and home workouts; The large kick pad in the kit enables you to practice your high and low kicks with precision; Improve your agility, accuracy and power with our versatile and flexible training kit

Unparalleled Robustness with Quality EVA Foam: quality matters when it comes to boxing training kits, and we’ve got you covered; The boxing training pads are mainly made from lightweight yet resilient EVA foam that enhances shock absorption during training sessions; The pads shape to the natural curvature of your hands, ensuring maximum comfort and maneuverability during intense training sessions

Lightweight and Comfortable Boxing Gloves: delivering optimal performance, the open boxing gloves included in our comprehensive kit provide a comfortable, lightweight design that reduces fatigue during extended training sessions; The gloves feature breathable palms, protective wrist straps, and a combination of shock absorbing materials to defend against kinetic energy impacts

Enhanced Protection with 180 Degree Vision Boxing Head Guard: stay focused and well protected during sparring sessions with our boxing head guard; It provides 180 degree vision to ensure quick response and movability in the ring; Engineered with a focus on safety and adaptability, the boxing helmet keeps you protected while allowing you to maintain complete control over the pace and style of your sparring sessions

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