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Every Martial Art Type Explained in 12 Minutes

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Every popular fighting style obtains discussed in 12 mins!

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Do not utilize this video clip as your only resource of details. This video clip is for entertainment/edutainment objectives, and some info can be wrong or as well simplistic. This network’s objective is to stimulate your interest and allow you do your very own research study on these subjects.


0:00 Karate.
0:32 Taekwondo.
1:00 Aikido.
1:28 Muay Thai.
2:00 Judo.
2:28 Jiu-jitsu.
3:18 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
4:02 Kung Fu.
4:33 Krav Maga.
5:13 Capoeira.
5:41 Wing Chun.
6:03 Boxing.
6:35 Kickboxing.
6:56 Sambo.
7:29 Silat.
7:54 Taichi.
8:17 Savate.
8:51 Eskrima.
9:11 Kyokushin Karate.
9:47 Wushu.
10:12 Wrestling.
10:44 Taekkyeon.
11:14 Systema.
11:54 Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

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