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Chinese “Greatswords” are… Different. (LK Chen Sword Review)

These are rather special swords, extremely big and also fitted with incredibly lengthy manages (rather similar to a nagamaki). They are essentially verging on polearm region, with enforcing, effective blades. It’s simple to see why these were utilized as anti-cavalry tools by infantry soldiers on the battleground.

I’m absolutely satisfied with this type of top quality for recreations in the $350-450 USD array.

You might have come across the Track Empire Zhanmadao (” steed cutting saber”), yet most likely not of its equivalent from the competing Liao Realm. This is a better check out (and also reducing examinations with) 2 historic reproductions from LK Chen, with my point of view on the handling, end up & fit, worldly high quality, as well as useful efficiency.

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– Song Zhan Ma Dao –

– Liao Dao -.

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General size: 127 centimeters (50″).
Blade size: 74.5 centimeters (29-1/3″).
Blade density: 9 mm (3/8″) near guard, tapering to 3.5 mm (1/8″).
Weight: 2.26 kg (5 pounds).
Blade product: Same as above.

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LK Chen – Song Zhan Ma Dao

LK Chen – Twin Peaks Liao Dao

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The Roaring Dragon & Striking Eagle by LK Chen.

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General size: 138 centimeters (54″).
Blade size: 83.8 centimeters (33″).
Blade density: 10.5 mm (7/16″) near guard, tapering to 4mm (3/16″) near the pointer.
Weight: 2.53 kg (5 pounds 9 oz).
Blade product: GB 60Si2MnA springtime steel, warm dealt with as well as solidified to HRC 56-58.

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