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Breaking Down Steven Seagal’s ”Aikido”

Many individuals asked me to malfunction Steven Seagal’s conference with @Jesse Enkamp asking if the strategies he showed work and also if the concept he offered is official. Below’s my failure, one relying upon my years of Aikido training, collected expertise from leading self-defense professionals as well as my battle sporting activities experience.

00:00 Is Steven Seagal’s “Aikido” reliable?
00:28 The finest method of Steven Seagal
00:44 Steven Seagal’s strikes are much better
01:11 Steven Seagal’s haymaker protection
01:40 Questionable striking protection?
02:05 The famous front kick of Steven Seagal
02:43 Why these strategies are suspicious
03:30 Steven Seagal’s effective strike
04:05 Does this takedown job?
04:29 Aikido takedown protection
05:03 Revolutionary combating position
05:49 Stepping on challenger’s foot
06:11 Striking with the side of the hand
06:32 Deadly fingers
07:01 Severing the mind stem
07:31 Ending the battle promptly
07:42 Not training school battling
08:50 Aggressive Aikido design as well as why it makes good sense
09:31 Teaching secret methods
10:31 Teaching fatal strategies
11:34 Attacking
12:08 Dealing with the legislation after assaulting
12:51 Outsmarting your challenger
13:24 Summary


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After 6 months extensive training I had my very first amateur MMA battle after which I returned to Lithuania. Throughout every one of this time around I am recording my experience via my YouTube network called “Martial Arts Journey”.

My name is Rokas. I’m a Lithuanian man that educated Aikido for 14 years, 7 of them running a specialist Aikido Dojo up until at some point I understood that Aikido does not measure up to what it guarantees.

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Lead by this understanding I determined to make a bold action to shut my Aikido Dojo and also transfer to Portland, Oregon for 6 months to begin educating MMA at the renowned Straight Blast Gym Headquarters under head trainer Matt Thornton.

Inspect the video clip “Aikido vs MMA” which began this entire Martial Arts Journey:.

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Currently I am gradually establishing strategies to proceed training MMA under top quality advice as well as preparing for my following MMA battle as I better record as well as share my trip and also explorations.

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