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A Critical Look at the Art of Ninjas

On several sites Bujinkan cases to show efficient self-defense, yet what takes place when this fighting style is placed on the spot?

00:00 What is Bujinkan?
00:49 The issue without any sparring in Bujinkan
03:20 Does Bujinkan assure what it can not supply?
04:17 Is Bujinkan efficient for self-defense? [Video clip evaluation] 06:06 Analyzing Bujinkan competing video footage
07:20 Conclusion
07:35 How I was ruined as an Aikido teacher


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Lead by this understanding I chose to make a bold action to shut my Aikido Dojo and transfer to Portland, Oregon for 6 months to begin educating MMA at the well-known Straight Blast Gym Headquarters under head trainer Matt Thornton.

Currently I am gradually establishing strategies to proceed training MMA under high quality assistance and preparing for my following MMA battle as I additionally record and share my trip and explorations.

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After 6 months extensive training I had my very first amateur MMA battle after which I returned to Lithuania. Throughout every one of this time around I am recording my experience with my YouTube network called “Martial Arts Journey”.

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My name is Rokas. I’m a Lithuanian man that educated Aikido for 14 years, 7 of them running an expert Aikido Dojo till at some point I understood that Aikido does not measure up to what it assures.

Examine the video clip “Aikido vs MMA” which began this entire Martial Arts Journey:.

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